Kuhn Hay Merger

MM 300

DescriptionThe KUHN 300 Merge Maxx® hay merger ensures maximum productivity and performance. High-quality forage requires top-quality machinery. The cleanest and most efficient way to put up high-quality forage is with a pickup-style belt merger. Kuhn mergers produce the fluffiest, easiest harvesting windrows which are ideal for today’s powerful forage harvesters and balers.

The KUHN MM 300 is the merger for you if you’re looking for high performance and simple operation at an economical price. Designed to work with mower conditioners from 9’ to 18’ of cutting width, this merger features a wide pickup and belt cross conveyor that can easily be shifted for ideal windrow placement. The windguard, exclusive in its class, evens out crop flow for superior windrow uniformity. Quickly merge two swaths into one in a single pass or three windrows into one in two passes for improved harvester efficiency. This durable machine is built to last and will provide you with years of low maintenance. 

Serial # for Kuhn merger is B0099

Pickup width is 8 and half feet wide.





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Bale movers

24 ft flat

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Round Bale Carrier

The Farmco Round Bale Carrier is designed to handle your round bales efficiently and is available in three sizes, 16’ (8 bales), 20’ (10 bales), and 24’ (12 bales). The Round Bale Carrier features adjustable cross pieces (see top left picture) to fit a variety of bale sizes.